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A lifeboat with the name Isle of Arran printed on the side.
From a trip to the Isle of Arran and Glen Rosa.
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View of Loch Lomond in Scotland with a water bus heading towards a tiny island.
We went on a hike from Balloch to Helensburgh.
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A paddington bear plush sitting in a sea of flowers, with a tiny Union Jack in its breast pocket.
The floral tribute at Green Park.
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Close-up of a gray squirrel sitting on a dead branch and tilting its head.
I found some squirrels in Kelvingrove Park in Glasgow!
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The nelson column as a dark outline against a blue sky with an airplan and its vapor trail.
A brown squirrel looking directly at the camera.
A close-up picture of a some froth on a tiny wave in black-and-white.
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A frog sitting in mud looking directly at the camera.
A red spotted butterfly sitting on a rock.
Branch of a gingko tree with green leaves set against a blue sky.
A tree standing in a field with radial motion blur around it.
A young sheep standing in tall grass, looking attentively at the camera.
Sheep again this year!
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A macro shot of a wasp clinging vertically to a board.
It took me a while to get close enough to a wasp without it flying away.
A macro shot of a bee.
With macro photography, subjects may just come flying in through your kitchen window.
A bumblebee clinging to the underside of some blossoms on a branch.
A river bank with some black skyscraper silhouettes on the far side set against a sunset.
Shot on a Pixel 5
A shopping cart half submerged in a pond.
A black-and-white photo of a cut-down christmas tree laying on the ground covered in snow.
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Multiple layers of fungi growing on a log.
Some interesting fungi growing on a log.
A close-up of a butterfly sitting on a purple flower, showing it's orange wings with markings that are reminiscent of a pair of eyes.
It's rare for a butterfly to sit still long enough for me to take a close-up.
Silhouette of a woman's head against an orange sunset.
A young sheep on a green field running away from the camera and out of the frame.
Young sheep don't want to stand still for you to take their picture!
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Some muffins glazed with chocolate that's still fluid and sparkling.
I made some muffins!
A duck swimming across a pond, cleanly reflected on the waters surface
During lockdown you learn to appreciate your immediate environment again. This duck lives in the small park next door.
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A wide shot of the Louvre's pyramid entrance, shot from the upper floors so you can see the square surrounding it.
I took this from inside the Louvre, looking over the pyramid entrance on a rainy day. The smugdes in the lower left are rain drops on the window.
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A black-and-white photo of a marble statue of a woman holding a pidgeon
A statue in a little alcove in the Louvre.
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Close-up of a blue damselfly on a green leaf.
A blue Damselfly that posed for me on my way to a shooting.
Black-and-white close-up of a sheep's right eye and tagged ear.
I went to visit the sheep again!
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A close-up of a young nutria (cuypu) with brown fur.
We spotted a family of nutria (coypu) by a forest pond.
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A black-and-white photo of frothy waves approaching the shore, with a lighthouse shining in the background.
A path next to a dark field leading towards a bright yellow streetlight at dusk.
The light at the end of the road.
A sunny path across a hill flanked by power poles.
Somewhere in Edinburgh …
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A black-and-white photo of tree tops fading behind mist towards the background.
Shot out of a moving train traveling from Edinburgh to Inverness
A black-and-white photo of a raven before a white background looking over it's shoulder.
We spotted this raven in Edinburgh, and it waited patiently for me to get the best shot I could.
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A deer licking its lick with closed eyes after eating a tasty apple
This deer really enjoyed the apple we gave it!
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A young sheep looking directly into the camera. It appears to be smiling.
The sheep down by the river Rhine are always happy to pose for you!
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A girl holding a semi-translucent scarf fluttering in the wind, backlit by bright sunlight.
Taken during a spontaneous shoot on a sunny day with some scarves.
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A small boat on a canal in front of some colorful varicoloured house fronts.
A canal in Amsterdam
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Black-and-white photo of a blurry woman standing with crossed legs amidst falling snow.
Blurry angel in the snow.
Black-and-white close-up of a woman's face looking at a light source. Only the right eye is lit up, the rest fades into the shadows.
Taken during a black-and-white portrait session with Christina.
A blonde woman standing in front of a tree with yellow leaves in autumn.
Autumn colors.
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Silhouette of a women staring intently at the upper right backlit by a candlelight.
Experimenting with candlelight portraits.
Long exposure of a purple fireworks over the Rhine with the Cologne Cathedral.
From the yearly fireworks event ‘Kölner Lichter’.